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Larva Link Atualizado 3.6.12

Welcome to Larva Link!A unique puzzle game from the ultimate comedy show cartoon, Larva. If you haven't heard of this great cartoon, check thousands o

851 28.93 MB
Fallin Love Atualizado 1.3.3

GRAVITATE AROUND LOVE Help Fall, a tiny block overlooked by the one he loves, in his quest for emblematic disguises. Guide him by playing with gravity

26 22.47 MB
ShhZombies Atualizado 1.03

Shh, Zombies is the hit new game from Enigma 23 - set in a cuboid word where the people, nature and even the architecture is cuboid! The poor people o

143 18.67 MB
Spotology Atualizado 1.0

"This is the new 2048 game!" - people on Social NetworksYou’ll get really hooked up, too much, too quickly, so be warned! Pop all dots without releasi

62 5.84 MB
10 Bullets Atualizado 1.0

So, how many ships can you destroy with 10 bullets ?In 10 Bullets, it's all about the right timing. Will you be patient enough to wait for the perfect

60 4.01 MB
Monster Busters Atualizado 1.3.2

• Over 1,900 stages with each episode filled with different concept of challenge• Fantastic adventure to take on as climbing up Monster Tower with new

158 57.18 MB
Twisty Planets Atualizado 1.056

A 3D PUZZLE GAME UNLIKE ANY OTHER!"Twisty Planets is a welcoming puzzle-platformer that's as smart as it is fun." Pocket Gamer 8/10"Twisty Planets by

57 32.38 MB
Help Me Fly Atualizado 1.06

"Probably one of the smartest puzzle games I’ve played in a good while" - Touch Arcade (4.5/5 stars) "It’s brilliant, endearing, and just plain fun" -

644 21.77 MB
Cut the Rope 2 Atualizado 1.8.2

SWEET! Cut the Rope 2 has arrived and you can enjoy the full adventure for FREE! Cut the Rope 2 brings fresh challenges and unanticipated obstacles to

3368 52.67 MB
Unium Atualizado 1.3

Your task is to draw a line. A single line. How complex can that be?Start with one tile and trace a line to the next, then the next. Each tile you

340 26.51 MB
Shardlands Atualizado 1.2.0

Breathtaking journey into an alien world full of mysteries, challenging puzzles and big scary monsters."The spectacular visuals, serene soundtrack and

103 4.03 MB
IntoTheDarkness Atualizado 2.1

Fallen to hell. In order to return to your family, you must go through various gateways of hell to reach the door of reincarnation!Only thing you can

109 38.84 MB
LINE Touch Atualizado 1.0.9

■How to play LINE Touch Touch is a simple yet addictive picture-matching puzzle game. Find two blocks of the same design, and Touch Touch to eliminat

139 32.13 MB
Auro Atualizado 1.0.9

All bump. No grind.Dinofarm Games - creators of 100 Rogues - are pleased to present Auro: A Monster-Bumping Adventure.Auro introduces a whole new kind

83 48.83 MB
IllusionMaze Atualizado 1.11

Japanese Info Only.

140 9.25 MB
二战风云 Atualizado 2.10.0

301 53.41 MB
荷塘春色 Atualizado 1.0

33 5.95 MB
Stella Atualizado 1.1.5

Join Stella and her super adventurous friends on a quest to protect their home from the greedy Bad Princess and her powerful piggies! Meet this fierce

177 49.98 MB
Freeciv-web Atualizado 1.5

Freeciv is a cool, free turn-based strategy game. It presents users with in-depth game-play and a wide variety of game modes and options. Your goal

80 652.14 KB
Vex Blocks Atualizado 1.15

Winner Best Casual game in 2013's "Best Mobile Apps Awards" and "Best App Ever Awards" Android nominee for "Best Brain & Puzzle" and "Best Casual Game

90 28.31 MB
Birds on a wire Atualizado 1.0.6

You'll have a chirping good time helping the birds escape from the evil witch's spell in this Zuma style arcade puzzler. The cute and colourful birds

244 9.76 MB
Hard Path Atualizado 1.1.5

109 45.49 MB
Ozzy's Odyssey Atualizado 2.02

Ozzy's Odyssey is a physics platformer that takes you through an amazing world filled with mind-bending puzzles, fast paced action and beautifully ren

753 3.92 MB
iO Atualizado

102 51.59 MB
 100 Gates Atualizado 1.28

Introducing the most addictive "Room Escape" puzzle game for Android.Advance to the next room of the castle by solving the puzzle!Features: - The bes

328 15.18 MB
Edge Atualizado 1.0

Cross the lava filled gorge by selecting the correct sequence of planks using your memory and logic. Bonus game included - Angry Wires

501 25.97 MB
TapPlay Atualizado 1.0.1

Interesting and amazing journey into the world of puzzles!Advance to the next stage by pressing the PLAY button. How to do it? It's quite simple!

28 22.42 MB
Hero Forge Atualizado 1.3.2

Hero Forge is an easy to play puzzle RPG. Battle your opponents by matching blocks and casting spells in a series of intense rounds.* Fantasy puzzle M

1253 47.92 MB
Cards and Castles Atualizado 1.2.16

Cards and Castles is a combination Collectible Card and Strategy Game! Start by building a deck of cards, then play your cards on the battlefield to c

619 41.34 MB
Lume Atualizado 1.21

An lighting challenge adventure!  "The best of factor & click on gaming" JayIsGames *** Finalist at IGF 2012: Quality in Visible Art ***  *** Fin

1282 35.64 MB
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