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花儿 Atualizado 2.0.6


7 7.93 MB
S Assistant Atualizado

673 22.18 MB
简·UI Atualizado v0.3.0401

2 33.98 MB
iLightr Atualizado 1.3.0

90 1.37 MB
诚品快拍 Atualizado 3.02

11 9.35 MB
Photo Locker Atualizado 1.13

What do you want to see when you turn on handset screen? an undifferentiated photo from Internet? or smile of your kid?Photo Locker is a screen lock a

7 13.45 MB
Real Notepad Atualizado 3.0

Real Notepad for android is new this time ! it provide Notebook like experience with notes!1. Taking Notes or Making Memo Real Notepad / Notebook wi

52 3.59 MB
好豆菜谱 Atualizado 6.1.27

好豆菜谱---中国最棒的手机美食菜谱软件,没有之一。在这里你将见识到: 1、最专业的菜谱大全 汇聚各类菜系 2、最精准的步骤制作方法 3、最及时的美食资讯 4、最专业的美食养生推荐 5、最疯狂的菜谱达人交流 6、最美好的人机交互 好豆菜谱获得的荣誉: 1、2013年全球移动互联网

7 22.81 MB
Esports Atualizado 1.3.0

Yahoo Esports is the home for real-time tournament broadcast coverage, breaking news, highlights, and league scores for all your favorite games. Insta

5 15.45 MB
Starter Atualizado 1.4

Browse Kickstarter finally from your android device!Starter is currently in open-beta so update frequently!Features:-browse projects sorted by popular

5 2.61 MB
Google Goggles Atualizado 1.9.4

Search by taking a picture: point your mobile phone camera at a painting, a famous landmark, a barcode or QR code, a product, or a popular image. If G

363 2.72 MB
Audio Control Atualizado 2.1.2

Audio Control provides an amazing and unique volume management experience.Audio Control has 5 components: Profiles, Schedules, Exceptions, Quick and c

2058 1.58 MB
左手浏览器 Atualizado 1.5

终于可以屏蔽百度的商业推广了!!!浏览器其实都大同小异 还有个兄弟,左手浏览器如果你习惯用左手,请下载左手浏览器除开大家都有的功能这个浏览器还可以专门去掉百度搜索结果中的商业推广方便知友,搜索时直接集成了知乎的搜索提示避免被骗没有乱七八糟的推送没有所谓的头条一个简单快速的工具 希望大家喜欢

0 3.99 MB
Magical Magnet Atualizado 1.0.2

82 293.47 KB
SuperPlayer Atualizado 2.5.1

SuperPlayer now support Floating & Popup window playing!!! SuperPlayer - The best and simplest video player to enjoy your movies on Android platform.

1284 4.81 MB
Swift Supreme Atualizado 1.0.5

Swift Supreme is a cm theme for the CM12 / CM12.1 / CM13 / COS theme engine, with constant support and frequent updates. It includes a light theme and

80 6.3 MB
花开了 Atualizado 2.1.5

1 8.42 MB
凯立德 Atualizado 1.9

4 3.59 MB
狗仔直播 Atualizado 3.5.5

8 19.08 MB
WechatCube Atualizado 1.2

4 1.23 MB
Cowabunga Atualizado 2.0

What happens when you've mobile screenoff and get one new message or new notification ? Led blink ( if you mobile has one ) and beep; now you need to

221 2.65 MB
ArtBoard Atualizado 2.1.3

Artboard is a powerful, easy-to-use drawing application that has everything you need to create incredible digital illustrations—for free! With a full

4 44.01 MB
光阴似箭 Atualizado 1.0.4

Manage your time and limit your excessive use of your phone【scenes to be used】    Set up a time when you need to work hard to lock your phone and avoi

0 4.14 MB
短信伪造器 Atualizado dzh.1.2

0 23.82 KB
Beer Battery Widget Atualizado 1.1

This widget displays your remaining battery graphically as a delicious pint of beer with an exact readout of the remaining battery percentage. Include

161 734.06 KB
多玩我的世界盒子 Atualizado 2.6.2

5842 23.15 MB
Papercraft Atualizado 1.0.0

Inspired by promo images of Android 5.0 Lollipop (formerly Android L). Realistic 3D lighting with shadows and ambient occlusion.Create as many differe

718 1.46 MB
Packet Tracer Mobile Atualizado 3.0

Cisco Packet Tracer for Cisco Networking Academy. Cisco Packet Tracer is a network-capable and simulation-based learning environment for networking st

882 47.67 MB
在行 Atualizado 3.5.0


5 20.2 MB
GameGuardian Atualizado 6.0.5

About This File Overview: Play games your way! “GameGuardian” is a game hack/alteration tool. With it, you can modify money, HP, SP, and much more.

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