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Lord of Dungeons Atualizado 1.57.20

■ Lord of Dungeon is a manage-and-collect game that you can manage your own town and dungeons so that eventually you become the emperor of the world.

81.07 MB

100体以上の『超美麗』グラフィック英雄たちとともに多彩な世界を駆け巡る! ド派手な“シネマティック”スキルで爽快感あふれるバトルを楽しもう! ■多種多彩な世界を『超美麗』グラフィックな仲間たちと駆け巡ろう! 中世ファンタジー・近未来都市・未開拓地域…多彩な世界を駆け巡り、壮大な冒険を繰り広げよう!

78.88 MB
Hello Virtual Mom 3D Atualizado 2.6

You are very excited for your vacations and want to make these vacations full of Fun. You have decided to play games, eat more yummy chocolates, watch

73.21 MB


81.1 MB
毎日こつこつ俺タワー Atualizado 2.2.38

◆あらすじ◆ かけだしの『魔導錬築士』であるオヤカタには まだ塔の建築許可が降りていない。 しかし、空から落ちてきた少女を 家に帰してあげるため、オヤカタは 俺だけのタワーを建設し、空の彼方を目指すことに! ◆システム◆ 建姫たちを引き連れて、 少女を空の故郷へと帰してあげるため 資材を集め、建姫を

91.66 MB
Godlands: Heroes and Battles Atualizado 1.30.11

A top 10 game from the catalogue of the largest social network is now in Google Play! Over 7 million installs all over the world, thousands of players

86.38 MB
BMW X5 car racing simulator Atualizado 1.20

BMW X5 car racing simulator is the fast pace racing game specially designed for people who likes to race like crazy with BMW X5 racing car and fond of

88.66 MB

家庭用人気RPG「アトリエ」シリーズの スマートフォン向けオンラインRPGが登場! ■ようこそ王立アカデミーへ! あなたは一人の錬金術士■ 自分がつけた主人公の名前があなたのアトリエ名になる! たくさんの生徒が通う王立アカデミーで、 一人前の錬金術士を目指すべく、世界を冒険し、 人と出会い、自分の道

93.2 MB

"Survival Island !" is a free escape RPG game that anyone can enjoy playing. Your goal is to escape from the desert island by solving problems with re

22.04 MB

Hey Doctor, Build your hospital empire and diagnose, treat and cure the diseases of your patients in this Doctor Dash Hospital Game. This is your hosp

45.67 MB

80s Mania Wrestling Returns is a totally radical pro wrestling booking and business simulator presented as a collectible card game, set in pop culture

45.14 MB

Play this Shopping Mall Radio Taxi: Limousine Car Driving Taxi Games in a realistic Mega Mall environment where you will experience Modern Limo Taxi C

60.44 MB

CAN YOU CATCH IT? Do you have what it takes to become the best fisherman? In this addictive clicker game you will travel the seas on an adventure to c

70.28 MB

Immortal Fantasy is a roleplaying game (RPG) that offers you the coolest dice and cards RPG gaming that can be found in app stores anywhere! Choose yo

68.8 MB

사람들은 나를 보면 이렇게 말한다. "...못생긴 마녀, 재수 없어." 그 순간 운명처럼 발견하게된 이곳, '외모렌탈샵' 은하수 별가루부터 바비인형의 영혼까지... 각종 재료들을 넣고 변신약을 만들어 마시면, 언제든 내가 원하는 예쁜 얼굴로 모습을 바꿀 수 있다. ★그

78.11 MB

Live the life of a wild lion in a free animal simulator game. Raise your family, breed cubs, build a beautiful home. Lion Family Sim is a free RPG adv

82.75 MB

Aplicativo gerador de números da Megasena inteligente que utiliza matrizes matemáticas com todos os resultados já computados, cruzados com a numerolog

14.59 MB

Air-plane simulator: Air plane 3D game is an awesome new 3D fly pilot plane simulator game, become the pilot and fly your commercial plane to the dest

44.12 MB

▶ 게임소개 ▷ 쉬운 활쏘기와 타격감! - 터치 한번으로 쉽고 빠르게 활 발사 - 직관적이고 심플한 조작, 손 끝에 전해지는 타격감! ▷ 다양한 삼국시대의 장수와 병사 그리고 펫! - 장수 30명 이상, 병사 34명 이상, 펫 20종 이상 등장! - 충차, 공성탑, 투

55.34 MB

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 【召喚圖板】由日本轉珠遊戲創始團隊-GungHo全新力作, 在日本已超過400萬的下載!! 超質感又豐富的正統戰棋玩法!! 如果你再找

68.78 MB