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Well-fed farm (for kids) Atualizado 1.6.1

Exciting educational game for kids from 3 to 6 years! - Develops logic and ingenuity! - A child learns what different animals eat and how they talk! -

17.06 MB
Squatris Atualizado 1.5.10

Have some free time? It's time to train your brain with the Squatris puzzle! Simple controls and rules. No restrictions on move time, play at your own

7.53 MB
Switzerland Tile Puzzle Atualizado 1.17

Step into the “amazing world” of puzzle!! Enjoy playing, Exercise your brain, Watch beautiful images. All of that in one app Which combines the most b

6.64 MB

Do you want to play free puzzle games for kids and adults? Download Puzzle Games - World Flag Quiz Game app for Android, this is a challenging slide p

15.86 MB

Permainan seru bom - boman adalah permainan yang adiktif dan merupakan permainan populer di dunia nyata beruapa kartu dengan bulatan hitam 12 titik ya

6.28 MB
Fifteen Puzzle Atualizado 2.9

With a very easy gameplay! Just run, play and enjoy! You can play with number or with your pictures. Someone calls this game Gem Puzzle. Others call i

4.14 MB
Lighthouse Jigsaw Puzzles Atualizado 1.9.18

Lighthouse Jigsaw Puzzles game is about beautiful lighthouses! It is a fun jigsaw puzzle game applicable for all ages. Features: 1. 4 puzzle types, in

27.2 MB
Hoot Atualizado 2.10

Note: Hoot for Collins is a separate app that contains only the CSW19 lexicon. If you are struggling in your games on Words with Friends or Scrabble,

31.63 MB

OK, let’s face it. Unicorn food is so popular throughout the world. Everyone loves donut, but how about the very trendy unicorn donut. Yes of course w

40.2 MB
Monarchies of Wax and Honey Atualizado 0.11.2

Lead as queen of a bee colony! Start a hive near flowers, lay eggs, and set the jobs of your expanding force of worker bees. Workers can forage flower

39.05 MB

Get ready for an epic adventure. Choose mighty heroes, expose defences of your battle towers. Equip your hero in mighty artifacts like ancient sword,

48.74 MB

Can you escape the ancient 50 rooms? TTN Games released the new addicting unique ancient mystery based room escape game to all the brain challengers.

47.29 MB
Sweet Juice: Puzzle Game Atualizado 1.0.6

This fruit matching game inspired by best match 3 games. Make different combos to get juice cans. Combine bonuses for make splash combos. Discover fac

49.7 MB
New Zealand Jigsaw Puzzles Atualizado 1.9.18

New Zealand Jigsaw Puzzles game is about beautiful New Zealand! It is a fun jigsaw puzzle game applicable for all ages. Features: 1. 4 puzzle types, i

56.97 MB
Fire Line2: Devils invasion Atualizado 0.6.8

Demons from the plane of shadow invaded this world. Come and guard your home. FireLine, a game with over a million downloads. His orthodox sequel is h

72.28 MB

Draw your weapon and defeat bad guys with a single hit! Use your mind and logic skills, solve puzzles and win! Draw Hero 3D is a new puzzle game where

67.09 MB
Wheel of Fortune Free Play Atualizado 3.61

Word Puzzles from Television's #1 Game Show! Spin the wheel for fun word games! Have you ever wanted to buy a vowel? Spin the Wheel with Pat Sajak? Gu

84.84 MB
Mahjong Magic Fantasy Atualizado 0.210507

The fantastic mahjong game is here! Join the beautiful fantasy world of mahjong today! Clear the level by matching the same shape of tile before you r

88.4 MB
Funko Pop! Blitz Atualizado 1.7.1

Swipe, swap, & match 3 to bring Funko Pop! figures to life in this fast-paced puzzle game. Grow your collection as you unlock iconic Pop! characters!

88.42 MB
Buggle 2 - Bubble Shooter Atualizado 1.6.2

Bubble Coco Team’s new bubble shooting adventure, Buggle 2! Shoot the bubbles to pop the target and get sweet honey! Adorable baby bear Andrew really

88.65 MB