TWICE -GO! GO! Fightin’- 2.2.5 [free]


『TWICE 10人目の仲間になって、世界の笑顔を取り戻せ!』


今宵も世界の笑顔を取り戻すため……GO! GO! Fightin’!!
内蔵メモリ(RAM):2GB以上 ※メモリは必要容量ではありません。



SoC:Snapdragon 650 相当以上
©JYP/Warner Music Japan Inc. ©10ANTZ Inc.

The world's first TWICE official game app appeared!
"TWICE Become a member of the tenth person, get back the smile of the world! "
【Game introduction】
◆ Story ◆
Nine people longing for everyone, TWICE.
During the day, celebrity college girls were transforming into justice friends at night, fighting the dark organization! What?
Sharing that secret is you who became the 10th member of TWICE.
Tonight to regain the smile of the world ... GO! GO! Fightin '!!
◆ Puzzle ◆
Easy refreshing Three Match Puzzle!
Challenge puzzles with your favorite cards!
The main story will be released with puzzle clearing
Let's advance puzzles advantageously with various abilities of members!
If you train the card and clear it with a high score you can get various rewards!
◆ Collection ◆
There are plenty of cards, voices, and movies totally taken down!
Enjoy the secret content of TWICE members who can only see in the game!
◆ Private ◆
Increase gift to members and smile level up!
Raising the smile level releases member stories and movies!
◆ Room ◆
Members and only you base
Decorate your favorite interior in TWB and make your own favorite TWB!
【Operating environment】
Android 4.4 or higher
Internal memory (RAM): 2 GB or more * Memory is not required capacity.
(1) For supported models other than recommended models and supported OS versions, support will be excluded
(2) Depending on the usage situation of the customer, even if it is recommended model, operation may be unstable
(3) Even if it says "Android 4.4 or higher" regarding supported OS version, it does not necessarily correspond to the latest version.
【Recommended environment】
In addition to the "operating environment", we recommend an environment that meets the following conditions.
SoC: Snapdragon 650 or more
© JYP / Warner Music Japan Inc. © 10 ANTZ Inc.

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