SONIC JOBS for Jobseekers - UK Job Search App 1.3.37 [free]


Are you looking to create a great CV to stand out in front of employers and to find the right job?
SONIC JOBS is the first app in the UK that helps you find the job you love in restaurants, bars, shops & more! You can easily create a beautiful CV in 1 minute, search
for the latest jobs and apply in 1-click. No need to use multiple apps and job sites anymore. SONIC JOBS lets you search thousands of jobs in a single app and apply in
1-click. Find the right job, fast.
Easily apply to many jobs in restaurants, bars, shops and find a job today. Whether you are a waiter, waitress, chef, bartender, barista, hostess, driver, beautician,
sales assistant or other looking for a full-time or part-time job, SONIC JOBS is the best app for you.
✔️CREATE YOUR CV IN 1 MINUTE FROM YOUR MOBILE: we know how important it is to showcase yourself in front of employers to get the right job and we know how daunting it can
be to create the perfect CV.
Thanks to SONIC JOBS, you can easily create a beautiful CV in 1 minute chatting to our chatbot Julie directly from your mobile. She’ll do it for you. You just need to
answer her questions. You can also edit the CV directly from your mobile! Creating a beautiful CV has never been easier and it’s now fast and fun. Most importantly the CV
is yours, once created on our app you can save it and use it anywhere, including your favourite messaging apps, Email and other job boards.
✔️APPLY IN 1-CLICK: on SONIC JOBS you can find all the UK jobs in one app and easily apply in 1-click. No need to register to different job boards anymore filling long
forms and uploading your CV from a computer. With SONIC JOBS you can apply directly from your mobile to all the jobs you want in just 1-click. Can you imagine how fast
that is?
✔️FIND A JOB IN 1 DAY: as a result the candidates who use our app find a job faster. Are you ready to find a job in 1 day? Just download the app and start searching for
the jobs you like, apply in 1-click and get hired today.
We know how difficult it is to find the right job. This is why we created SONIC JOBS, to help people find the job they love and build their career in restaurants, bars,
shops & more. With SONIC JOBS you can easily create a beautiful CV in 1-minute and instantly apply to thousands of jobs in London and in the rest of the UK.
Get the app now to find a better job and get hired today!
If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us anytime at [email protected] or visit We are here to help you find the job you love,

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