QizWiz 1.0 [free]


QizWiz is an app that will make quizzing a learning and fun experience. This app will allow you to challenge your friends, compete against the best, and attempt quizzes on
various topics. An app for quizzing, developed by quizzers and developed for quizzers, we aim to develop and nurture this pursuit of knowledge for our users.
We will promote quizzing, onboard new players and use the pursuit as a means of multi-discipline learning and edutainment. Starting off with a quiz on the biggest festival
of democracy, the Indian Lok Sabha elections, we will add many more quizzes and players soon.
Hope to have you and your friends back for a memorable experience.
If you like what you see, please let us know. If we can be better, please drop us a line at [email protected]

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  • Nome do Aplicativo: QizWiz
  • Categoria: Raciocínio
  • Código App: com.infobase.quizxl
  • A versão mais: 1.0
  • Exigência: 5.0 ou superior
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  • Atualizado: 2019-04-16