Merge Kingdom! (Unreleased) 1.35.2 [free]


Welcome to the world of Merge Kingdom!, where everything can be merged, and your only object is to heal the land. You’re the ruler of a vast kingdom, whose land has been
struck by a terrible plague. In order to save your kingdom, you need to save the land - the only means of doing that, is by merging objects. All of the trees in the game
can be merged. The more you merge, the stronger the objects become. The stronger the objects, the better they will be able to heal the land. As you merge and heal, you
will unlock more and more land, growing your Kingdom.
Think you can merge to save your kingdom? Try Merge Kingdom! today!

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  • Nome do Aplicativo: Merge Kingdom! (Unreleased)
  • Categoria: Raciocínio
  • Código App:
  • A versão mais: 1.35.2
  • Exigência: 4.1 ou superior
  • Tamanho : 74.96 MB
  • Atualizado: 2019-07-27