Drilla — crafting game 8.4 [free]


This time everything happens underground. What is there?
Explore minerals, craft replacement parts, digging deeper, assemble your Drilla, boost it and do the upgrades.
Be a geologist, a chemist, an engineer, a constructor and a simple handy miner in at a single time. You’ll see that is easy.
Sometimes evil Egor will come to your mine. This guy is bad. You better kick him off.
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  • Nome do Aplicativo: Drilla — crafting game
  • Categoria: Raciocínio
  • Código App: com.fivecraft.digga
  • A versão mais: 8.4
  • Exigência: 4.4 ou superior
  • Tamanho : 61.36 MB
  • Atualizado: 2019-07-14