Magicsing : Smart Karaoke for everyone 3.9.38 [free]


"MAGICSING" app is launched by Entermedia Co., Ltd., the world’s no. 1 in Personal Home karaoke entertainment.
= When you want to relieve stress, start with 『MAGICSING』 immediately!
Entermedia is a global company which has led the Personal Home karaoke entertainment market with ‘MAGICSING’, ‘ONSTAGE’, ‘Xtreme Magicsing’,‘Xtreme Videoke’ and ‘ASSA'
brands in around 30 countries around the world for the past 20 years.
Now "Entermedia" is starting a mobile service by "MASICSING" with core technology and contents in the Personal Home karaoke entertainment field.
"MASICSING" perfectly supports singing room service, such as tune, tempo, melody control. It provides convenient screen layout voice search and favorite song registration
function to make people of all ages and of both sexes have easy access.
"MASICSING" provides more than 200,000 songs all over the world in real-time by using a more advanced streaming technology and the latest songs are automatically updated
for easy access anywhere and anytime.
If "MASICSING App" is interlocked with Entermedia's streaming Karaoke, you can enjoy singing room's effects in your home.
Another premium product offered by Entermedia, the world’s leading Personal Home karaoke g entertainment in the market!
Enjoy an exciting and joyous world with "MASICSING" mobile service.
[Main function]
* Provide more than 200,000 songs in a variety of countries as a basic option
* Easy to find a song that you want by selecting the list by country and with voice recognition.
* perfectly supports singing room's main service, such as tune and speed control
* Design instrumental accompaniment by controlling volume via individual musical instrument according to your own taste.
* A favorite song can be continuously played after registering it as a 'favorite song'
* The latest and additional songs are automatically updated online.
* If "MASICSING App" is interlocked with Entermedia's streaming Karaoke, you can enjoy singing room's effects in your home.
[Data Usage]
While other music streaming apps. usually use mp3 format, we use a different format.
One mp3 song would take the same amount of data that would allow our magicsing karaoke application to stream you about 200 songs, while the quality of sounds is kept the
* Enjoy the service conveniently by purchasing a daily, monthly or annual pass.
* When registering a coupon offered by us, you can use the service as free until the expiration date.
* The service only uses a small amount of data, such as about 20 ~ 30 KB per song, so that you can get fast streaming and even if you enjoy the service for 1 hour, only
about 3 MG data is used up. Therefore, even subscribed data communication users can enjoy the service without any cost burden.
* Contact "[email protected]" on song request or any inquiry.
* Official facebook page;
Thank you for using "MASICSING" mobile service.

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