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ゲームデザイン: 大野真樹
キャラクタデザイン: いとう階
楽曲制作: あみこ/amiko

"What is I?"

■ Games for you
· Person who wants to analyze personal character
· People who are interested in literature, philosophy, psychology
· Who am I continuing to ask myself what I am?

■ How to walk ALTER EGO
· Tap a balloon to collect EGO
· Read the story with collected EGO and perform character analysis
· Refocus on yourself through games

■ The outcome of the story will change depending on the selection
· There are multiple endings
· Your interpretation changes the way of this world
· "My story with you"
Caramel column
I develop games regardless of analog / digital
Game design: Masaki Ono
Character design: Ito floor
Music production: Amiko / amiko

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