Chess for All 2.32 [free]


Play chess against the computer or use the program to view, edit and save games.
* Play against computer
* Two-player mode
* Computer against computer
* Analysis mode
* Edit mode
* Own database (.pgn-db)
* Save, insert, replace and delete a game
* Position entry
* Clipboard (game or position)
* Opening book
* Skill level
* Chess clock options
* PGN Download (Web)
* Editing the PGN tags
* Full Chess960 support
* Sound effects
* Portrait- / landscape mode
* User manual
WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE: to save games on the SD card
INTERNET: to load PGN files
WAKE_LOCK: to block screen timeout (can be disabled)
License: GNU GPL v3

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  • Nome do Aplicativo: Chess for All
  • Categoria: Raciocínio
  • Código App: ccc.chess.gui.chessforall
  • A versão mais: 2.32
  • Exigência: 4.4 ou superior
  • Tamanho : 3.96 MB
  • Atualizado: 2021-01-12