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百阅 2.4.0

Byread is an amazing application for read ebooks on android/iOS/Symbian/Kjava device.It supports txt/umd/brm.There are thousands of free and payment b

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NewsBite 2.2.9

My Source - RSS & Podcasts is a news and podcast app that is made up by what you add to it. You start with a completely blank canvas. Add sources that

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闲读 1.2.0


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商业科技 1.6.0

【产品特点】作为科技领域决策人群的首选移动资讯应用,商业科技为您提供以下独特功能: * 聚合不同媒体、自媒体和科技博客的商业科技类文章* “兴趣阅读”智能分析您的兴趣关注,只推荐您感兴趣的内容* “我的订阅”提供以作者为核心的订阅功能,不再错过TA的文章* “行业微报”深度观点和碎片短新闻巧妙结合

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Newspaper 1.10.1

Material Newspaper for Android allows you to read news from your favourites Blogs, Youtube, Flickr or any web source! You can add any blogs and websit

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3G门户 2.4.401171


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News+ 2.0.2

Brought to you by the creators of gReader. Difference between News+ and gReader: http://newsplus.co/difference-between-newsplus-and-greader*** About

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【Abstract】 SOSO Vision guides you to see the world, which is published by Tencent Research Institute! SOSO Vision is a cool recognition app with extra

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掌阅听书 3.5.1

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Area63 1.4.3

本应用是AcFun 弹幕视频网文章区的第三方客户端,为个人业余作品,专为不满于官方古怪的配色、粗糙的制作、差劲的体验的魔法师们而作!功能列表:1. 三种列表方式、三种阅读模式随意切换。2. 文章针对手机进行重排,支持手势缩放,点击查看大图,保存图片。3. 查看盖楼评论,更贴近网站阅读习惯。4. 接入

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Hacker Push 2.0.8

You'll get stories from "Hacker News" according to your pre-settings so that it will not disturb your daily-life.The application is depending on offic

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体坛周报 1.0.0

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Hi, I'm Sorano Shizuku, a student at Fujisaki High School. I joined a broadcasting club at school, but it's not much going on there. So I decided to p

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SwipeNews 0.20.3

SwipeNews is a powerful and fully customizable news reader designed to make it easy to read RSS feeds.Integrations• InoreaderFeatures• Intuitive gestu

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Elfeed 1.3.0

Read your feed entries from the device and have them synchronized with yourEmacs. The app connects remotely to Elfeed web API and it gets the feeds co

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SohuNews 5.9.2

SOHU NEWS is a classic news reading application tailored for the smart-phone users which is produced by SOHU.com. It have timing push function and it

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掌上书院 android.

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