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BAND PIX 1.2.0

Use BAND PIX to snap, edit, create memes,and impress friends with your creations!Share them instantly to BAND, Facebook, or instagram and get more 'Li

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**WORK ON LAUNCHER** - Apex - Nova - ADW - Holo** FEATURES ** - Supports icon mask. What does that mean? Your icons will be infinitely themed!

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This is the app to speed up your reading skill.It reads Pdf file from SD storage and presents text content from Pdf to scrolling screen.Scrolling spe

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免费高清直播 1012.01.02

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Pop UI 3.3

Pop UI. Vibrant colors. Soft corners. Smooth gradients. That's what defines Pop.FEATURES:- Over 1320+ beautiful icons.- 14 HD wallpapers included.- Ic

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小咖相机 1.7.1

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Fireflies 1.2.0

Watch fireflies dancing around swinging light bulbs in a darkly lit room. This live wallpaper is designed for the best outlook and minimum CPU usage.

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青果 5.2.1

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Block unwanted callsA simple blacklist app to block spam callsNo ad, small app. No background process and no battery drain. Beautiful Lollilop design.

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今日热点 1.0.710

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Em 1.0.0

Welcome! Em UI Icon Pack is well manually drawn based on Google's Design Guideline with black and white palette will change your device to be more bea

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Weather 4.1

An option to manually add your locationGet all the details: wind, pressure, and humidityScroll down for detailed weather informationProvides current w

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新浪網是一家服務於中國及全球華人社群的領先在線媒體及增值資訊服務提供商。新浪公开课安卓客户端为你带来不断更新的全球知名大学和机构的讲座视频。视频配有中英文双语字幕,让你轻松上网淘课。从计算机科学到心理学 ,从欧洲历史到线性代数,通过新浪公开课客户端,您可以把来自哈佛,耶鲁,麻省理工以及TED等全球顶

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Kids 1.20

Have you ever found it difficult to keep track of your child's vaccination dates? Have you found it hard to check the vaccination cards and mark your

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Ever wanted to just open your phone and navigate to where you want to go, without opening Waze and spending dozens of clicks and 30-60 seconds selecti

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MKBHD 1.03

Required Apps!Zooper Widget (PRO ONLY): http://goo.gl/7cO6tMKBHD ClockA nice clock designed after Marques Brownlee's new logo redesign! I'm a huge fan

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WIBE 1.1

This is not a stand alone app. Theme require Kustom Live Wallpaper Maker PRO application ( not free version of this app)What you need:✔ Kustom (KLWP)

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lulz-industries.orgsimple FOREVER ALONE SMS Widget.You're Forever Alone Until a TXT arrives..But probably it's your mom or the mobile operator, becaus

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